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Conference Proceedings

Accepted Papers

Ameera Vaheeda Shanavas, Manoj Changat, Marc Hellmuth and Peter F Stadler
Unique Least Common Ancestors and Clusters in Directed Acyclic Graphs (Slides )

M A Shalu and V K Kirubakaran
Open Packing in H-free Graphs and Subclasses of Split Graphs (Slides )

Sajad Fathi Hafshejani, Daya Gaur and Robert Benkoczi
An efficient interior point method for linear optimization using modified Newton method (Slides )

Koustav De, Harshil Mittal, Palash Dey and Neeldhara Misra
Parameterized Aspects of Distinct Kemeny Rank Aggregation (Slides )

Aseem Dalal and B S Panda
On Total Chromatic Number of Complete Multipartite Graphs (Slides )

Pranjal Srivastava and Dhara Thakkar
The Frobenius Problem for the Proth Numbers (Slides )

Sasmita Rout and Gautam Kumar Das
Semi-total Domination in Unit Disk Graphs (Slides )

Sanjay S Nair, Rajat Mittal and Sunayana Patro
On query complexity measures and their relations for symmetric functions (Slides )

Shalu M A and Cyriac Antony
Star colouring of regular graphs meets weaving and line graphs (Slides )

Lekshmi Kamal K S, Manoj Changat and Jeny Jacob
The Weak-Toll Function of a Graph: Axiomatic Characterizations and First-Order Non-definability (Slides )

T Kavaskar and Sreelakshmi Sukumaran
Total Coloring of Some Graph Operations (Slides )

Arijit Bishnu, Pritam Majumder and Mathew Francis
Geometric Covering Number: Covering Points with Curves (Slides )

Kaustav Paul and Arti Pandey
Eternal Connected Vertex Cover Problem in Graphs: Complexity and Algorithms (Slides )

Waseem Akram and Sanjeev Saxena
Consecutive Occurrences with Distance Constraints (Slides )

Florent Foucaud, Pierre-Marie Marcille, Zin Mar Myint, Rb Sandeep, Sagnik Sen and S Taruni
Monitoring edge-geodetic sets in graphs: extremal graphs, bounds, complexity (Slides )

Silvia M. Bianchi, Dipayan Chakraborty, Yanina Lucarini and Annegret K. Wagler
Location-domination type problems under the Mycielski construction (Slides )

Sathish Govindarajan and Siddhartha Sarkar
Improved Algorithms for Minimum-Membership Geometric Set Cover (Slides )

Vijayakumar S and Joyashree Mondal
Star Covers and Star Partitions of Cographs and Butterfly-free Graphs (Slides )

Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya, Sandip Das, Sk Samim Islam and Saumya Sen
Growth Rate of the Number of Empty Triangles in the Plane (Slides )

Barun Gorain, Tanvir Kaur and Kaushik Mondal
Distance-2-Dispersion with Termination by a Strong Team (Slides )

Mahendra Kumar R and Sadagopan Narasimhan
Impact of Diameter and Convex Ordering for Hamiltonicity and Domination (Slides )

Vijayakumar S and Divya D
On Star Partition of Split Graphs (Slides )